Sunday, October 14, 2018

Requiescat In Pace

Photos by Salt Water New England


  1. It's kind of an Alfred Hitchcock thing with me but I always look for a person, at least one person, in a series of pictures like this and I looked at these and thought about where a person might have been and even what they might have been doing but then it dawned on me that the pictures were just perfect given the subject matter. Thanks - well appreciated and enjoyed by me.

  2. You can’t see the person in the fourth picture down? ;-)

  3. I had mentioned in a contribution last week that my wife's mother had passed away at age 96. On Friday, we had a simple graveside service for her at a church built in 1735 in the Northern Neck of Virginia (Land of pleasant living). A brick church, it is still used for some services but is not wired for electricity and so is not used in either hot or cold seasons. The burial ground, unlike the one in the photos here, does not have headstones but only bronze or stone markers or footstones and presents a plain appearance.

    We don't live in the Northern Neck but rather in Northern Virginia, which still isn't a bad place to live.