Thursday, October 11, 2018

From Cordings of Piccadilly - The Duffle Knit Jacket, Made in Wales

Photos by Salt Water New England
New this season, and exclusive to Cordings of Piccadilly, is the 3 Ply Merino Duffle Knit Jacket.
Sumptuous might be the best descriptor.  Made of 3 ply merino wool, the yarn is wax coated prior to knitting, making for a quite thick and soft jacket.  (Ply refers to the number of strands twisted in the yarn. "A 3-ply (or more) yarn makes the best cables and textured stitches. They roll in and push up. Three-ply yarns make themselves heard. They are crisp, have sharp edges and stand up like the Cliffs of Moher." - The Why of Ply.)

The toggles are made of real horn, hand carved in Devon.

In a perfect shade of Navy, it has proven to be quite versatile; the jacket moves easily from art galleries to the shore.  And if one is tall enough (shown above at 5'8"), it can work as a unisex item, though it is generously sized, shown here in a Medium, the smallest size offered.

Real Horn Toggles - Hand Carved in Devon

Alcantara Elbow Patches


  1. It's a totally new design for this season and should sell well in the Harrogate store. At £695, it's a bit too expensive for me as my autumn funds have been allocated to house repairs. Perhaps Cordings could send me one too! ;)

  2. I love the way you find these unique things at reasonable prices, which totally outclass anything on the home front available at US retail. This is not for me. Too heavy for the South. But I appreciate the effort and like the Cordings product offerings.

  3. That's beautiful and beautiful on you!