Photo by Salt Water New England

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Church on a Hill

Photos by Salt Water New England


  1. Where is that church at?

  2. Brought to my mind beginnings and endings and times inbetween. I always like it when you include a picture of at least one people and one pup. Thanks

  3. Thank you for the pleasure of history with its moss covered humped up backs of The Stone Orchard. It is appreciated!
    The red stones are gorgeous, what surprise- “married stone” and a non English inscriptions made the mind wander to the traditions; husbands buried on the right, all facing east, or buried in 'choirs.'
    1828 seems like another world…

  4. The photos are a reminder of where we will all end, surrounded (hopefully) by our friends and relatives. And coincidentally, my mother-in-law passed away just this afternoon at age 96.

  5. I would have loved to see the inside!