Saturday, September 22, 2018

Ladies Barbour, No Longer Available + Ladies Lotuff, No Longer Available

Photo by Salt Water New England


  1. Perhaps show us something that IS available?

    1. Barbour has a very limited range of tweed clothing. It changes its house tweeds regularly. The above example is one of the best that I have seen. I, unlike you, am grateful that it has been posted. It is very useful for comparison with the latest tweed coats. If I saw that coat in my size for sale, I'd buy it without hesitation. There are other brands that offer tweed coats that are machine washable, e.g. Alan Paine, Musto, Schoffel and Laksen. Alan Paine's prices are similar to Barbour's.

  2. The field jacket origins are utilitarian so they are built like tanks. Our mix of Barbours & other brands going strong 10+ years and looking good.

  3. Tweed field jackets a favorite; have 10+ years of branch, thorn, wind & weather wear, & still looks new with a good brushing. More stylish knock-offs out there; but original makers maintain utility - jaunty plaids notwithstanding!

  4. Barbour now sells the Men's Moorhen jacket. It's made from a lightweight tweed that is machine washable. If you look hard, significant discounts can be found on the websites of regional country stores. With the UD Dollar strong against Sterling, it's a good time to buy from England. There are matching breeks are available too.