Monday, August 27, 2018

Nantucket's Nobby Shop Still Open Online

Some of the Past Advertisements from The Nobby Shop that have Appeared on Salt Water New England
Fans of The Nobby Shop on Nantucket were recently disheartened to learn that the store will be closing its doors on 17 Main Street after 88 years.

However, the good news is that the online store will remain open.  Favorite items, from khakis to shirts, will still be available for many seasons to come.

Salt Water New England thanks The Nobby Shop for its support of this site. 


  1. I am truly sad to see them go, much as we saw with the Cambridge J Press store. Didn't get a chance to swing by there on my recent trip to the island, but will continue to support them going forward.

  2. They were very much in the shadow of their neighbor up the street (Murray's) but the sales people were outstanding. The store had a practical small town vibe to it that didn't attract the tourists. I usually bought some small thing when I went there and will keep an eye on their website.