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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Patsy Kane's Navigator Bracelets

Customize your latitude and longitude coordinates with Patsy Kane's sterling silver Navigator Bracelets, made by hand in their studio in Marblehead, Massachusets.


  1. Patsy’s bracelets and earrings are lovely! Great craftsmanship and design. Must now purchase a navigator bracelet!

  2. Patsy’s jewelry is well made and lovely. She is always a delight to deal with. Highly recommend her products.


  3. Have purchased several things for my wife over the years from Patsy, and have never been disappointed. Always a pleasure to deal with.

  4. Love my Patsy Kane bracelet with the lat/long of my favorite place in the whole world. She is such a loyal supporter of yours and always so gracious.

    1. Never see a reference to Latitude that I'm not reminded of one of the tasks I had in the Navy. I maintained navigational charts using the Notice to Mariners and I always used a mnemonic: Lat is Flat. Later in life I became an accountant and I never seemed to have a problem remembering: Debits on the left and Credits on the...or is it...?

  5. And now she is flattered and grateful! Thank you all! Many thanks, as always, to our fabulous Editor!

  6. I have a bracelet from 8 years ago and still love it.