Friday, July 13, 2018

Dogs in Pairs

Photos by Salt Water New England
Some believe that dogs should come in pairs.  There can be flexibility with the exact relationships, sometimes siblings, parent/child, or from the same breeder.  The only guideline - and even this is debatable - is that they do have to match.

The rationale of such people is always quickly interjected into conversation, if never quite convincingly, such as, "they keep each other company," or "two is just as much work as one."  But regardless, just as there are "dog people," there are "pairs of dogs people."  Aligned names may be the surest tell.

Of course, as with the Shakespeare's comments on greatness, some people simply have two dogs thrust upon them, unplanned, and discontinuous from any greater life pattern.  In the case of these dogs, the pairing was"primary" and "emergency backup," designed to ensure Golden continuity.

Cloverdale Goldens


  1. Fantastic! We have a pair of Cairn terriers - one 15 years old now the other (back up to ensure continuity) 2 years. Not matching but complementary colors, black/gray and blonde. Amazing how the elder perked up when the puppy appeared and stayed around.

    1. I've cared for Cairns in the past. Today, we have a pair of Fox Terriers: one wire-haired, the other smooth-haired. It's a delight having two. Like yours, our older dog turned back into a puppy when the younger one arrived.

      They romp and run together all the time. At first, we thought they played pretty rough, but they are terriers and do enjoy it.

      Occasionally, we will board them or send them off to the groomer for a trim. Suddenly, the house gets quiet. I might find myself looking for them and realize just how much they both mean to me.


  2. 2 little white dogs from the neighbor, 3 years apart.
    Now my dad's little white dog too.

  3. What a wonderful post! I once had a pair of German Shepherds, father and son. The intent was for the son to go to someone else, but he ended up staying. Does that qualify as 'thrust upon'? I was pleasantly surprised that the son required almost no training from me, as the father seemed to take care of that for me. I've also had 2 black Labs, but not at the same time.

  4. I've had two cocker spaniels. Not to be contrary to this post, which I think is wonderful, but my two hated each other. I had the female, few years later got the male to keep her company. She hated him. He would always go and lay beside her, and she would get up and move. It actually became funny, like they were an old married couple. They eventually settled in, but it took a while. It could have been jealousy, not sure. Anyway, I agree with this post, but I hope others have better luck than I did. I loved them both dearly. Beautiful Goldens here.

  5. Love it! We have a pair of pugs as is required when owning pugs.

  6. I like "pair and a spare" myself. That way if someone's at the vet or groomer, or in their later years, nobody's ever lonely!

  7. We continue to have pairs...everyone is happier they way!