Friday, June 15, 2018

A Cookson 50

Photos by Salt Water New England
Last day of practice, Newport to Bermuda....


  1. Tough class! Best of luck, Triple Lindy!

  2. Always considered this race to be the last vestige of the 19th century. Is there another activity in the US where the essential event is not too dissimilar from the event 125 years ago? Yes, there are massive improvements in boat design, materials, technological aides and the like, but when you are 400 miles out in the dark with 18 foot waves, not much of that matters. Personally, I think the men and women who engage in this race are borderline crazy, the whole undertaking is absorbing, right down to the final cocktail at the BYC.

  3. Dear Train of Blue, yes, there is unquestionable similarity with horse racing (which, I believe, is a two word concept). In any event, whilst the owner of the horse still does reside in his or her box attired in the fashion of the day and fortified with fine whiskey, the owner of the J-44 is on the boat, in the dark, in a raging storm in the middle of the Atlantic. Similarity is not the word I would choose, but I only went to Yale.