Sunday, May 13, 2018


Photo by Salt Water New England

The end of every winter provides the opportunity to tally the items that have not been used for the past few seasons.  This could be because of many reasons, including better selections were just always available.  These items, once identified, are distributed to the right homes, using criteria include neediness, compatibility with their aesthetic, and informal and long term reciprocity (bartering).


  1. I've been culling this weekend, as well. Items no longer needed will go to the church jumble sale or local Goodwill.

  2. Just yesterday I told Tim if we starting putting our cast offs for charity in something smarter than a black garbage bag by the garage door, we would probably throw out more things. I will take a lesson from you and set out one of my pretty totes to toss things in. Thanks for the idea. I'm also happy to see I'm not the only one who occasionally gets rid of things still in their packages. (I wish I had started this serious culling business years ago!)

  3. Wow! Put me on your list of recipients, please!