Sunday, April 29, 2018

What Makes a Mother's Day Nice?

Photo by Salt Water New England
What makes a Mother's Day nice? 

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  1. Don't know the answer but I certainly love the photo!

  2. Opportunity & work had my sisters and I live in different places/countries. In our 20s & 30s it was seen as a natural part of life as we were forging our lives; growing our own families. We all eventually ended up in Northern California, in different cities but in the same time zone! Mother's Day was celebrated multigenerationally, with everyone in tow and around a meal. But it was on the rest of the 364 days, my mother was never happier than when we congregated at her house just for a day of 'checking in': going shopping; having lunch. Just her & her girls like in the old days.

  3. Being born the day before, so my mother could wake up the next day as a mother on Mother's Day!