Thursday, April 12, 2018

Nicely Wrinkled

Photo by Salt Water New England


  1. i like the look. My problem is not so much the fabric or the laundering but with the curling of the outer edge of the front placket(?) between the second and third buttons on three of my favorite shirts. One is a Brooks Brothers, one is a Lands End and the other is from LL Bean. The fabrics are different and they are of different ages. Immediate removal from the dryer or air drying won't keep them from curling and on one, it curls even after a steam iron and requires spray starch. Wouldn't you know that the problem would be with three of my favorites. Good pic- good look.

    1. Might be that this is where your seat belt hits your shirt?

  2. That could very well be my husband! It's his typical look :)

  3. Looks great to me! I only use steam for my button-downs with exception of formal shirts. Say what we will about Polo, their basic OCBD, despite its annoying lack of a chest pocket, washes & steams out wonderfully en route to a comfortable "broken-in" status.

  4. So that's what they call non-iron shirts!

  5. An old art tutor of mine had a son who used to say "I never iron my shirts, I'd feel overdressed".