Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Ospreys Have Returned

Photo by Salt Water New England
The Ospreys have returned for another season, in great part due to the efforts of the local Audubon Society volunteers, who have continued to build the nesting platforms.  The number of Ospreys have soared because of their work.

"The Osprey is the only hawk on the continent that eats almost exclusively live fish."


  1. GLORY! Here in Savannah GA we also have valiant efforts made by Cornell Lab and Audubon on behalf of our nest at Skidaway Island, mother sitting on 3 eggs as we speak!

  2. Menunkatuck Audubon says thank you for the recognition...we have installed 66 nests as of now, many of those are replacements . We also have a live video feed of one of our nests, run on solar power

  3. They have... We spotted a new couple in our home's nest, thinking it's so early.. TY for the confirmation... Welcome back..