Friday, March 23, 2018

Placeholders (and reader question: "What is the best canned clam chowder?")

Photo by Salt Water New England
Bar Harbor Clam Chowder until fresh...
Cyclamen until geraniums... 
Eating inside until eating dockside.

And a question from the comments:
What is the best canned clam chowder that you have tasted? Any recommendations? 

Note: Bar Harbor Clam Chowder - with added whole milk, pepper, and a bit of salt -  nicely scratches the chowder itch, and is better than other canned chowders, and many take-out varieties as well.


  1. Bar Harbor clam chowder. I have seen it on the grocery shelves but have not tried it, yet. Having moved away from my beloved New England home years ago, I have been on the lookout for the best canned clam chowder. I have tried many, even brought back a case of Snows clam chowder after visiting home. I am still on the hunt.

    A question for the community - what is the best canned clam chowder that you have tasted? Any recommendations?

    Thank you all in advance, and thank you to our gracious hostess for this wonderful site.

    The Concord Diaspora

  2. One should never use "canned" clam chowder. The whole notion is an abomination.

  3. I tried Bar Harbor clam chowder, and was disappointed because it was bland and tasteless ... had to add quite a bit of salt and pepper, and I resented adding that extra sodium, yet didn't want to waste the chowder by discarding it without the palatable seasoning!

    Campbell's and Snow's have too much added starch and potatoes.

    SO, YES ... make it from scratch yourself.

  4. Bar Harbor brand is pretty good. And often available at Reny's to boot:

  5. Yes, of course, made from scratch is ideal, however I have to say, if given the right amount of love in preparation, a can of Bar Harbour Clam Chowder just might do the trick. Very nice, wholesome ingredients are contained.

  6. Does anyone know if one can purchase pilot crackers anywhere?