Sunday, March 18, 2018

In Case You Missed It...

Waiting for the Ferry to Islesboro; Photos by Salt Water New England

Harewood House displays its holdings of the Yorkshire-born cabinetmaker’s work. 
  • Thomas Chippendale- Designer, Maker, Decorator - Apollo Magazine <>

‘Just because you’re trying to take an animal’s life, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care about it – you should give it respect.’

...[T]he new awareness around bots highlights the misguided expectations that marketers have for how many people they can reach through influencers [on Instagram].

Jake Zakhar recently returned three cellphone cases at a Best Buy store in Mission Viejo, Calif., and a salesperson told him he would be banned from making returns and exchanges for a year. The 41-year-old real-estate agent had bought cases in extra colors as gifts for his sons and assumed he could bring back the unused ones within the 15 days stated in the return policy as long as he had a receipt.

A new breed of celebrity turned to news releases and magazine covers to shape their image. But while those ephemeral means are soon forgotten, the full-length portrait will dazzle for centuries to come.

For one Old Etonian banker in his fifties, the idea that his school is some kind of prize is laughable. ‘When I was there it was a comprehensive for the landed gentry. Everyone east of the A1 went to Eton, and anyone west of the A1 went to Harrow.’

For two decades, the British establishment has agreed not to think too hard about where the Russians got their money — how cash was stolen from the state, recycled in the West, then used to help bring Vladimir Putin and his ex-KGB colleagues to power. In return, the Russians spent a lot of that money in Britain, to the benefit of the British. The relationship has, at times, been extraordinarily complicit. 

European old master pictures, and the works of art and decorative objects associated with them, were once the most prestigious status symbols that money could buy, but they are no longer the height of collecting fashion. 

East Boothbay shipbuilders Washburn & Doughty is slated to build the next Maine State Ferry Service vessel after submitting the lowest bid of $8.8 million.

L.L. Bean incurred added costs associated with ... a significant change in its lifetime product guarantee policy, and early retirement packages offered to hundreds of veteran staff members... Smith said. “[W]e made significant progress on numerous fronts that provide a strong foundation for future success.” (Thank you, Averyl, for sending this)

As for that dazzling speed, power and ability to turn on a sixpence that so impress and frustrate us, these are the hare’s only real means of self-defence once its cover is blown. With no kind of burrow or other safe haven to hide in, it has to be able to outrun each and every native predator – and it can.

“It’s a fascinating thing to sit and watch the animals because instead of looking at a screen, you’re looking at the life cycle,” Land said. “It’s very different from the abstract work that I do.”

The sailing center, located in the heart of Boston between the Longfellow and Massachusetts Ave. bridges, houses the College's varsity sailing team boats. At the lowest point of its sink across the past few days, the building dipped roughly six feet into the water.

Icy Charles River


  1. The chicken story was hilarious. My husband was a Poultry Industry major at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo so of course I had to share this with him. He comes from a family that had a food distribution company that included eggs. It is located near Silicon Valley. The mental picture of chickens with diapers was great.

    Mary Anne

  2. Thanks for posting that article about returns. I had heard of this before but never really looked into it.I buy the vast majority of clothing and shoes online, which means that I can't try them on beforehand. Therefore, I do have to return many items. Most online retailers offer free returns for this reason and to encourage more sales. It doesn't seem fair to penalize those of us who do frequent returns for honest reasons.

  3. Everyone on Islesboro lives or dies by the ferry. There are bumper stickers that say "Ferry Stressed" with a graphic of the MCS. If you don"t have a reservation, then you join the Island road race to get on the ferry, and in the afternoon, the road race continues northbound on US1 to make the next-to-last, or last, ferry. If you are lucky enough to stay on the rock for a couple of months, then keep a beater car in Lincolnville, and walk on. This works, except when you have to do major grocery shopping on the mainland. We now stay in Camden, and are no longer ferry stressed. The nice thing about Camden, amongst others, is that stores are open past 6PM.

  4. LL Bean: Let's save money by cutting production costs. Oh no, more people are returning our poor-quality clothes. We better end our lifetime guarantee. Why are sales flat?

    LL Bean could have very well kept the lifetime return policy by requiring a receipt, which would have eliminated the "thrift-store returns". But instead they insisted it was the consumers fault and they have no choice. Shame.

  5. I sailed out of the Harvard Sailing Center's boathouse in the seventies and am amazed it's floated as long as it has!

  6. Thanks for putting these together.