Photo by Salt Water New England

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Autumn Camp Mocs

Photos by Salt Water New England

The Quoddy Canoe Shoe Moc for Men and Women, Made in Maine

The Canoe Shoe is a quintessential Quoddy offering.   A classic camp moc style, it is a terrific sockless shoe and, with its padded insole, extremely comfortable.

These are handmade in Maine of Horween leather and, on the Quoddy site, you can design your own:
As flattering to the foot as loafers or driving moccasins, the Canoe Shoe can be ordered with a darker sole for business casual (worn with socks), or with a white sole for use aboard a boat.

Shown: Upper: Horween® Cavalier / Navy, Sole Type: Camp Sole, Sole Color: Camp Sole / Charcoal, Thread: Natural, Hardware: Nickel, Lace: Rawhide / Chestnut

Shown: Upper: Horween® Chromexcel / Brown #19 Print, Sole Type: Camp Sole, Sole Color: Camp Sole / RedBrick, Thread: Natural, Hardware: Antique Brass, Lace: Rawhide / Coffee, Lining: BrownGloveLeather

Canoe Shoe for Men

"Perimeter Lacing System" Allows for a Proper Fit

With Quoddy shoes, I go a little large, both with size and width.

A Nicely Shaped Toe - Handsewn in Maine


  1. How funny that you posted this...just two weeks ago I ordered a pair of the second shoes -- the brown ones -- with exactly the same details incl. the red soles. Nice to see how great they look when finished. I also ordered a pair in whiskey, with black soles -- as you can see I'm a big fan. I like to order them lined. They seem to keep their shape better that way.

  2. Does someone know what are the UK equivalents of Men's EE and EEE widths? I need at least a G width.

  3. Do all Quoddy's fit the same? Do they all run true to size? I don't feel right ordering custom shoes online with so little information.

    1. Quoddy instructions for how to measure.

  4. I have found Quoddy's customer service people to be fabulous. Call them with your questions.