Photo by Salt Water New England

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Autumn Camp Mocs

Photos by Salt Water New England


  1. How funny that you posted this...just two weeks ago I ordered a pair of the second shoes -- the brown ones -- with exactly the same details incl. the red soles. Nice to see how great they look when finished. I also ordered a pair in whiskey, with black soles -- as you can see I'm a big fan. I like to order them lined. They seem to keep their shape better that way.

  2. Does someone know what are the UK equivalents of Men's EE and EEE widths? I need at least a G width.

  3. Do all Quoddy's fit the same? Do they all run true to size? I don't feel right ordering custom shoes online with so little information.

    1. Quoddy instructions for how to measure.

  4. I have found Quoddy's customer service people to be fabulous. Call them with your questions.