Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Spring in Vermont, 1978

Photo by Salt Water New England


  1. It was a very snowy winter that year...looks like lots of Spring run-off!

  2. I also remember that year well. I was in my final semester in law school in Cambridge and not really working very hard. My classmates and I would spend Thursdays through Sundays in Killington skiing and having adult beverages. Disco ruled and all the Parkas were neon green and orange together. There were (i) no cell phones; (ii) no laptops; (iii) no Twitter; (iv) basically no TV; and (v) no internet. How we managed to have a terrific time each weekend those months is now beyond me, but we did. Two of our crew met their future spouses that semester in Vermont. I 'escaped' only to fall prey to the inevitable the following August.

  3. I remember that spring The Battenkill was roaring and throwing rocks in every direction and roads were washed out. The damage was incredible.