Sunday, February 25, 2018

Yale Rep, New Haven, Early 1970s

Photos by Salt Water New England

Christopher Walken on Right, at Yale Repertory Theater


  1. Whilst an undergraduate in New Haven from 1971-75, I lived across the street from the Rep in JE. Alas, none of us ever went to any productions; it seemed as though the Rep had been placed on Elm Street as an alien spaceship. I never saw a soul enter or leave the place and, despite its reputation, I can't recall anything much about it other than the building itself. Fence was around the corner and we did spend a lot of time there, but that was drama of a different kind, the sort involving convincing visitors from Pine Manor and Sarah Lawrence to linger in Connecticut.

  2. Is that Christopher Walken in the bottom photo???

    1. Good eyes! He had just starred in “Caligula” (Albert Camus) at Yale.