Saturday, February 3, 2018

F.L. Woods Delivery

Photo by Salt Water New England
Interesting things from an interesting place - Marblehead's F.L. Woods:
Lightweight oiled wool, 20 percent nylon.  A favorite and worn constantly in cool weather.  In both Forest Green or Navy.

From the F.L. Woods site:
Yachtsman & Aviation Pioneer Sir T.O.M. Sopwith - challenged the America's Cup with his J-class yachts Endeavour & Endeavour II. 
In 1936 he commissioned crew uniforms for the 1937 campaign, which included a jersey-knit wool sweater. 
Our Sopwith Sweater is modeled after the original.


  1. Marblehead, Mass. - a gorgeous town. F.L. Woods'canvas totes rival that of that other company.

  2. F.L. Woods. Thank God for this store. After just anybody discovered Murray's, where in God's name could you go to buy pure Prep that nobody in Edison, New Jersey had ever heard of? I get so many compliments regarding that little buoy of theirs. One of husband's employees actually thought it was from some 'country club'! As if we would ever be members of a 'country club'.

  3. The proper colour should be Camel.

    1. Thank you. I couldn't help myself. It is a nice looking sweater, even in green.

  4. I have the one in navy. Bought it years ago. Still looks great.

  5. Not surprisingly I'm a huge fan of F.L. Woods!