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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Tweed Shoot Coat

Photos by Salt Water New England

Cordings Men's Firley Herringbone - Made in England

As with the House Check Field Coat, you won't find a finer field coat than the Cordings Firley Herringbone Tweed Field Coat.  Made in England for Cordings by the peerless Chrysalis, each coat is hand-cut and made of British tweed.  The fit is generous and allows for movement.   This is a beautifully finished and substantial garment, providing a good deal of warmth.

Raglan Sleeves and Loden Collar
Zippered Chest Pocket

Lined Handwarmer Pockets Above Large Cartridge Pockets

With a Retaining Flap Holder and Nicely Trimmed

Waterproof and Breathable


  1. I have several Cotrdings tweed garments in various tweeds, including the Firley herringbone. Its weight is 19oz, between the House and 21oz windowpane tweeds, and ideal for cold weather. A herringbone cloth is also the best option for those who need to alter their jackets or coats, e.g. shorten sleeves.

    The big advantage of Cordings' shooting range is that the four house tweeds are available every season. It is easy to purchase more garments, e.g. waistcoat or breeks, in your chosen tweed.

  2. I too have several Cordings garments. Since our family traces its heritage among 29 different clans, I find it imperative to maintain several different tweeds, from Cordings and other bespoke purveyors, which match our respective clans' varying patterns. For example, we have Campbell blood and the Campbell colours are marvelous with the Firley. Somedays, it takes me about an hour to decide the right match.

  3. Im looking for a warm coat for Minnesota winters and was looking at down coats. Ive started to look more at wool now. Are these warm enough for 0 and below weather. I wish my Barbour's could handle this weather. Any suggestions?

    1. Cordings Firley and 21oz windowpane should be warm enough for freezing days, especially with warm layers underneath, e.g. a tweed shooting waistcoat, heavy jumper and a tattersall shirt.

      Another possibility is Chrysalis shooting coats and IIRC they are available from O'Connell's Clothing. Have you tried Barbour's wool shooting coats? They're lighter but are machine washable.

    2. I think there may be a mis-communication here. When someone speaks of zero degrees during the winter in Minnesota, they are speaking in Fahrenheit. That is, -18 Celsius. I am very ready to believe that Cordings' coats are suitable for freezing weather, but I don't know of any wool coats that are suitable for that temperature.

    3. Thanks it actually gets with wind chill -20 or more. Maybe I am stuck getting down and not worrying too much how I look. Wish Barbour made a Beaufort style with down filling. Prefer not to layer a lot.

    4. I'm a once- and perhaps future salt-water New Englander who has lived in Minneapolis for a long time. I've given up on anything but practicality in the winter. Patagonia's warmest winter jacket with a fleece vest under it (plus a warm hat and boots) generally work for me.

    5. At -20 degrees Celsius, a down jacket is the obvious solution. O'Connell's sella Quartz Nature Parka, with a down filling, that is made in Canada for $585. There must be alternatives available in areas that experience extremely low temperatures.

      Barbour briefly offered an olive down jacket several years ago. Sadly, it is more of an urban fashion company now and the country collection has been scaled back considerably.

    6. Dressing in an attractively gentlemanly or ladylike way is a luxury confined to areas of some wealth or accumulated urbanization, and a relatively benign climate. When conditions are truly harsh, functionality trumps all else, surviving is more vital than impressing others or portraying a self image. There are no dandys in northern Maine, the upper Midwest, or Alaska in the worst part of winter.

      But for nicer looking parkas, United by Blue in USA and Quartz in Canada have some quality, heavy duty winter wear that doesn't look too bad. Most of the truly extreme weather parkas will be assembled in Asian factories, however, a reality of our time.

  4. I’ve recently purchased items from Cordings (including the House Check Field Coat), and have found them all to be of the best quality anywhere. Cordings is a great company, and everything they offer is first-rate. Classic clothing and accessories.

  5. You're dressed for Wimbledon this morning Muffy !
    I've been wearing the same get up in this snow .