Friday, January 5, 2018

By The Door

Photo by Salt Water New England
Tweed Shooting Coats (from left to right)


  1. By the door jacket? A no longer made Barbour Linhope.

  2. I don't own a shooting jacket. Truthfully, I have never thought of one until reading about them them here. I especially like the Dubarry and the Cordings, and am now thinking seriously about buying one.

    Hanging by the door are a few coats. My wife has a quilted Orvis jacket and a Burberry overcoat. She works in a corporate office, and these are her two "go-to" coats. Since I work from home, my top coats are in the closet. By the door, I have a Bedale with vest and an insulated barn coat (Patagonia). Both are great workhorses. If I am going into town, I'll wear the Barbour. For chores around the yard, it could be either.


  3. Shooting/field jackets are quite addictive. If you appreciate woolen textiles and the art of the tweed, the weave and colors are beautiful and a treat to the eyes, as the photo shows. They look even better with age... like their owners ;). The pockets, inside and out are a treasure especially useful for women to go about country and town unencumbered. A John Partridge, fabricated solid as a truck and a clear favorite, hangs next to Barbours and an Orvis on the hall stand.

  4. Hanging by my front door are a Barbour Gamefair jacket, a Cordings paddock jacket and a covert coat. My next purchase will probably be a Chrysalis field coat. IIRC Chrysalis manufactures for Cordings and other retailers.