Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Cocoa Day

A simple cocoa recipe:
  • ¼ cup (heaping if preferred ) of unsweetened cocoa (one can combine the regular cocoa with a bit of the darker variety).
  • ½ cup of sugar  
  •  cup water
  • A pinch of salt
  • 4 cups of milk  (Whole or a less fat variety.)
In a saucepan combine the cocoa, sugar, salt and water.  Heat (and whisk) until it is smoothly combined.   Add milk and heat until it is hot and steaming but not scalding.

As with so many recipes, you can adjust the amounts to taste.

Whole milk tastes better, but reduced or low fat milk can also be used.
In Wedgwood India


  1. I've been thinking about how portions have changed over the years. This seems like a very reasonable size for a cocoa. We watched a Thin Man movie over the holiday and their martinis are small! Seems like you can indulge in so many more things, more often, if they aren't huge!

  2. I have the same lovely china! Just used it for Christmas Dinner. Love it! Happy New Year all!

  3. More like a hot whisky toddy day here in Northeastern Massachusetts, after
    snowblowing the driveway twice, and monitoring the fires all day in our three big old fireplaces ... need to heat up the central chimney stack to augment the radiators!

  4. We had cocoa the last 3 days here in chilly Texas for an afternoon " warm -up. "

  5. I've been watching the weather reports tonight and hope that all our SWNE community living in NE and along the eastern coast stay indoors, drink this lovely cocoa and remain safe during this horrific blast of Winter! Best wishes to you all and a safe and happy New Year.

  6. We've been drinking hot chocolate today, too, with schnapps.

    It's snowing now in Connecticut. We had 10"-plus when I snowblowed (is that a word? Maybe snowblew?) the driveway. That was this afternoon. You can't tell that I did all that work. It's really coming down!

    Right now at 10:00 PM, temps are struggling at 19 degrees. That's chilly, but not really cold. It's windy, though; enough to get our two dogs barking as the wind howls. The wind chill brings the temp down to 6 degrees, and that's cold. The forecast is for temps to fall to -12 before this is all over. If there is wind with that low of a temp, it will feel absolutely dreadful. Even in the current comparatively mild cold, you can still get frostbite on exposed skin within a short period of time.


  7. Wide awake after the early morning earthquake (epicenter Berkeley); in the aftermath stood around in the kitchen googling for information with cups of tea, cocoa, Christmas butter cookies to soothe our nerves and in close proximity to the back door!

  8. 7' (that's right 7 feet) off snow in Erie, PA since Christmas. Temp. today is 9. Ah. life on the Great Lakes !!