Saturday, December 16, 2017

New Haven Skating Club, Early 1960's

Photos by Salt Water New England


  1. Your work is terrific. Great shots of the "old Arena." Thank you. There was bas relief work above the entrance - boxer skater and Lady Justice... perhaps, concerning the tree might you pose a question for the community; tinsel or, no tinsel? Thank you and best regards JS

  2. Can't say as I've ever seen someone ice skate in a coat and tie! (Actually, I can't say as I've ever seen many people ice skate at all since I'm in the South.)
    Reminds me of that scene in "The Bishop's Wife" when Cary Grant is skating with Loretta Young. Come to think of it ~ Grant was in a suit, as well! Très élégant!

  3. Used to skate on Old Mill Pond in Madison on Opening Hill Road many years ago.