Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Made in England, England, Ireland, and the US

Photo by Salt Water New England


  1. marvelous! Where might I find one?

  2. It appears that only the traditional classics - Bedale, Beaufort, Border, Northumbria and International - are made in England. That is the key requirement for retaining the Royal Warrants. Most of Barbour's clothing ranges and accessories (well over 90%) are made in low wage locations, i.e. Eastern Europe and China.

    Sadly, I can no longer not find any Barbour knitwear that is made in Scotland. John Smedley, Johnson's, William Lockie and their stockists (including other brands mentioned on here) are the main options now. It would be great if the top Scandanavian brands were widely available in Britain.

  3. Some day Barbour will make a coat for the US market with longer sleeves so we won’t all have to send them in for sleeve extensions. Is that a Mercer & Sons shirt?

    1. Scott Wilson, I gifted my Beaufort for that very reason. The stockist said the wait for sleeve lengthening would be eight weeks at least. While I miss the rear game pocket, the Filson shelter cloth mile marker coat I replaced it with is actually more to my preference. The available Filson hood is far superior to the Barbour hoods, as are the lining and layering options.