Saturday, December 9, 2017

Into the Woods

Photos by Salt Water New Enlgand
I have lately got back to that glorious society called Solitude. 
- Henry David Thoreau, Letter to H.G.O. Blake, January 1, 1859


  1. As usual, I agree with Bitsy. We just had our first snow here in the land of sweet tea and with it being over six inches, this old guy stayed inside so I especially appreciated seeing someone on a walk in snowy woods.

  2. Great quote! I love the quiet and solitude of New England winters.

    1. Agree, Averyl. The peace and quiet of a snowstorm is one of my most favorite simpler pleasures. We often sit outside on our back deck with blankets around us, hot drink in hand, and listen to the quiet. Or we walk in our woods on our property in Vermont. It's very meditative. Great pics in this post.

  3. Agree with others. Lovely photos. The evoke stillness. Makes me think of my favorite Christmas hymn

    Christina Rosetti, Gustav Holst, Choir of King's College, Cambridge

    Peace to everyone this Advent season.

    N fom VA

  4. While we only have a skiff of snow this day we just had tea in our sun room which looks out over 40 acres of woodlands, 1 acre which is ours, and watched a doe eating under our bird feeders along with bunches of cardinals, finches, jays, woodpeckers, etc. Such a glorious time of year! PA

  5. We had snow in Texas. I put on my flat cap and wax jacket and looked New England...for at least a little.

  6. “There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”
    Alfred Wainwright