Friday, December 15, 2017

A 1939 Rolls Royce Motor Car on the Green

A 1939 Sedanca de Ville - Photos by Salt Water New England

Coachbuilder: H.J. Mulliner & Co.

This model was designed for a chauffeur.


  1. It's very beautiful and right hand drive - a true Brit classic that proves that real style never dates. The old Rollers and Bentleys much more elegant than the German monstrosities that you see in central London. Today, those once-great marques tend to be bought by vulgar businessmen, grossly overpaid sportsmen, ageing pop stars or "celebrities" that you've never heard of.

  2. I have an old friend who just turned 100 . His brother Presley at one time owned the largest collection of vintage Rolls Royces in the world . Beautiful cars .

    1. If your old friend is named Curtis, then I am sure I worked for him and his brother waiting tables and serving ice cream during summers in their shops of East Haven and Guilford when I was attending college and grad school.


  3. I love gawking at old cars, Father's Day weekend in Branford brings out some real awesome rides.

  4. Beautiful vehicle! Thank you for sharing this. As Ken stated, real style does not in fact date. The lines are beautiful and a representation of true craftsmanship.

  5. What a beautiful car and it reminds me of To The Manor Born. I am sure Mrs. Forbes-Hamilton is in town doing some shopping!

  6. "To The Manor Born", what a wonderful reminder of a true classic! PA