Saturday, November 25, 2017

In Case You Missed It...

NYYC Invitational - Photos by Salt Water New England
After a decade and a half away from sailing's flagship competition, the New York Yacht Club, represented by Bella Mente Quantum Racing Association, will challenge for the 36th America's Cup. 

Drawing is more than a graphic experience; it’s a textural one, about the pressure of crayon and pen on a page; the subliminal fade and focus of lines; the weave and shadow-creating swells of surfaces. Barely seeable, never mind photographable, these effects are, one way or another, the truest evidence of the artist’s hand.

[A] fireplace or a stove? An elegant fireplace makes an attractive focal point year-round, and the warmth, smell and glow of an open fire will emphasise its role as the heart of the home. But while the age-old pleasure of an open fire may be unbeatable, it isn’t an efficient method of heating.

[Dubarry's] Galway style, £329, is available in extra fit and slim fit and they are perfect for a long walk but stylish enough to keep on for the pub lunch afterwards.

I was taught to believe that clothes should be of good quality, simple and unobtrusive, practical and hard wearing, and that shoes should be the best you can reasonably afford... Every element of a fox hunter’s gear has a clear and specific purpose: woolen Melton jackets coarse enough to repel rain and snow; boots worn knee high to shield legs from brambles and branches; breeches designed for flexibility over jumps and to minimize saddle chafe. Even the traditional waistcoat — whether canary or tattersall check — adds a layer of insulation.  

One of [Amy Meyers'] most enduring contributions is the conservation and revitalization of the landmark building designed by Louis I. Kahn to house founder Paul Mellon’s (Yale College, Class of 1929) extraordinary gift to Yale University.

“Numismatics in this country is still considered sort of an antiquarian discipline. In Europe, it is really part of academia,” Arnold-Biucchi said. “But here, it remains a hobby for collectors, so we are trying here at Harvard to emphasize that it is a very important historical discipline because coins are documents of ancient history.”

Taskforce from UK’s pig, dairy and poultry farming sectors will aim to bring down use seen as major cause of increasing antibiotic resistance

The historic Owls Head General Store, the last remaining place to buy groceries or other convenience items in town, has closed... [It is] our sincerest wish is that an enthusiastic buyer will come along soon to continue the journey and tradition that began so long ago. 


  1. Fireplace. I know a wood stove is more efficient (and I know many people that heat exclusively via wood burning stove) but for ambiance, we love our fire places. We have the luxury of fire places for fun, to for heat. Once in awhile, I’ll cook in one as well.

  2. I so enjoy you "In case you missed it" posts!

  3. I would prefer an open fireplace, but my energy-efficient husband says no. It must be an enclosed unit with either natural gas or propane. So, he wins that argument. That being said, we have both a propane-fueled, custom built stone fireplace and a propane-fueled Jotul stove in another part of the house. I enjoy both and both keep us toasty warm here in Vermont. I never thought I would like the "fake fire" look, but I have to admit that I enjoy both without the bother of buying or chopping wood now. My Jotul is so nice, I almost like that more.

  4. If anyone in the US is looking for good high efficiency wood stoves, I know a few people in suburban and rural New England who recommend the Woodstock Soapstone Company of West Lebanon, New Hampshire:

    They offer quite a few options; a plus for New Englanders: they're locally owned and operated! I'm currently looking into getting one of their stoves as a back up heat source for a family lodge in Vermont. I have a coworker in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont who swears by them!

  5. Our Vermont Castings stove can heat almost our entire house, if you keep it full and roaring. You can also open the doors and have a nice fireplace effect. Win-win!

    Hope Bella Mente does well! Would love to see the races return to Newport.

  6. I'm glad to learn that the America's Cup is returning to monohulls in 2021.