Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Few Old Familiar Books

Photos by Salt Water New England
There is a certain pleasure in reaching into the back corners of bookshelves and rediscovering familiar books from decades back.

All four had been purchased in the 80s and 90s, including found on one of the many tables of books that were downstairs at the old Yale Co-op.


  1. Oh, SNOWDON SITTINGS. One of my favourites. And of course, the immortal and timeless Skrebneski.

  2. Love old photography books. Underscores the artistry of pre-computer generated images; photographic masters of composition, light and shutter-quick esthetics.

  3. Is that my intention when I will be in Boston next year in May, can't wait to be in a old bookstore and look for used books, maybe about Fitzgerald or the Kennedys, or preppy why not! 😉

  4. Was there ever a woman more beautiful than Karen Graham (cover of the Skrebneski book)?