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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Eleven Favorite Lines from Midsomer Murders - Murder on St. Malley's Day

Below are some favorite lines of dialogue from Season 5, Episode 4: Murder on St. Malley's Day <>.  These are worth noting during viewing.

1. |   For the look given by Daniel to his father:
Anthony Talbot:  Don't worry, Papa.  The race will be run as usual.  And Daniel will win it for you. Won't you, Daniel?  
Daniel Talbot: I'll do my best, Grandad.

2. |   For the casual Latin:
Jonathan Eckersley-Hyde: Quid nunc? What now?

3. |   For the perfect English insult, delivered when Talbot acts abruptly:
George Woodard: That's Anthony Talbot, Sir Walter's son. He's a diplomat as well. 
Tom Barnaby: Yes, you can tell.

4. |   For the worst parent ever contender:
Anthony Talbot:  Daniel! Daniel! For God's sake. Oh, really, Daniel! Do get up. If you don't reach the steps, you can't win the race.

5. |   For the absolute, unquestioned authority projected by a steward:
Ludlow: One of our little rules, I'm afraid, sir. Grass in Main Quad. It's out of bounds, sir.

6. |   For the town and gown: 
Anthony Talbot: Many years ago, the St Malley's Day Race was the occasion when scores were settled between school and village. Pitched battles were fought and I'm glad to say the school usually came out on top. However, nowadays we do things rather differently. We respect each other's role in the community and that sort of nonsense.

7. |   For the theories that seemed unhinged at the time but now, with the oligarchs in 2017...: 
Gavin Troy:  "The Royal Family: Are they working for the Kremlin?" by Dudley Carew.

8. |   For the droll delivery:
Charlie Meynell: This whole place is full of psychos and weirdos.

9. |   More town and gown:
Arabella Heywood: He's gross.  And anyway, he's from the village.

10.|   More Latin:
Jonathan Eckersley-Hyde: Mors omnia solvit.  Death resolves everything.

11.|   Because it can never be said enough:
Gavin Troy: School. Supposed to be the happiest days of your life.
Tom Barnaby: That's what they say, Troy.
Gavin Troy: I never did get that.

Midsomer Murders is available on various streaming services, including Acorn TV <>, but not BritBox <>, which instead has Morse, Marple, Tennison, and Lynley, just to name a few.


  1. Line # 9. That is so...Troy. A favorite character of mine. Thanks

  2. Love Midsomer Murders! That was an especially depressing episode though. Poor kid!

  3. Was never a fan of Midsomer Murders. John Nettles was far better as the brilliant DS Jim Bergerac in Bergerac.

  4. I am a fan of Midsomer Murders but haven’t watched in a while, so I pulled out Murder on St. Malley’s Day and plan to rewatch it tonight to refresh my memory. Thanks for the prompt.

  5. It is also available on Netflix. I am up to season 15 and struggling mightily to adjust to the new DCI Barnaby.

  6. I love this series. Also Vera

  7. Yup, Netflix. My mother shares my Netflix account, and being a little old retired lady, watches more TV. Whenever I sign on, it always asks me if I want to continue watching Midsomer - lol! She much prefers Tom Barnaby. I'm OK with either.

  8. I love quoting Arabella and saying, “he’s gross” exactly like her.