Monday, October 2, 2017

Chewonki Neck, Low Tide

Photo by Salt Water New England


  1. Growing up as a boy, my grandfather would take me out on Long Island Sound. He’d ready the boat, stowe the gear, and turn over the motors. Then I got to drive the boat down the Branford River and out into the Sound. I was proud of my ability to captain the boat, and took the job seriously. Once out into the main waters, I could relax a bit and enjoy the salty environment and time with my grandfather. It was good times like these in such a beautiful environment that instilled in me a love of the outdoors.

    Although Chewonki Neck is in Maine, there is a similar bend in the Branford River (Connecticut). It’s not too much father to open water, but the sheltered peacefulness of the river environment remains present at this bend, hiding the boundlessness of Long Island Sound for just a little longer. Although I was always eager to get to the open water, the beauty of the river at this bend always caused me to pause. Even as a boy, I could drink it in.

    This lovely photo captures a spot in Maine, but it could easily be a photo of a thousand places along the New England shoreline. I think we are lucky ducks to live in such a setting.


  2. What a beautiful sentiment. I completely agree with you. My dad used to keep his boat at Dutch Wharf in Branford and I believe I know where of you speak. Later we kept our own boat there for a while and even though the river has become more populated with condominiums and put-puts, that lovely serenity is magically still there. Thanks for putting it so perfectly.

    1. My grandfather knew the owners of Dutch Wharf Marina and had work done there years ago. Our boat was docked almost directly across the river. My recollection is that they were very good with wood; they made a few repairs over the years fixing dry rot. We also used Bruce & Johnson for motor and mechanical repairs.

      I was down there recently after many years of absence and was surprised to see all the new development and especially older houses that were once run down and now spruced up nice and shiny. It actually does look good. As a very young boy, I can distinctly remember the old Malleable Iron Fittings factory disgorging a muddy brown effluent right into the Branford River! Fortunately, those days are over (fingers crossed). That magical serenity of the river remains.