Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Around Yale in Autumn

Photos by Salt Water New England


  1. Beautiful! Were these photos taken this year? We have no color changes here in Atlanta yet. Thanks for the lovely shots.

    1. I too was wondering if it was this year.....( It was 93F here yesterday. We're dying. First Harvey, now a summer that won't end.)

  2. Beautiful...just beautiful! Thank you for this today!

  3. I have a mug from Claire's in my cupboard to this day!

  4. When I visited the University of Havana about a year ago, the most coveted possession seemed to be backpacks - the universal symbol of student youth. I sent a bunch to my gracious hosts via courier - they were so appreciated I was moved to tears.

  5. Really liked this post - the buildings, the street scenes, the campus scenes, even the angles of some shots and with just enough color to remind us of the season. A favorite of mine is always pictures of people doing ordinary everyday routine things and these are so good - the variety of the numbers of people, the distance of the shots, and a few closeups to make all the people come alive.