Friday, September 22, 2017

Vermont, October 1978: From Rockingham to North Shrewsbury

Bartonsville Covered Bridge - Original Photographs from Archives
For those who use the astronomical calendar, today is the first day of autumn. (Those who prefer the meteorological calendar have been enjoying it already for three weeks.)

Connecticut River

Yosemite Fire House, Chester, Vermont

The Christian Church, North Shrewsbury

Grist Mill, Rockingham

A Bit Further North - Church of Our Saviour, Killington, Vermont with Golden Retriever


  1. I heard on the radio (NPR, so it must be true!)that we are in for one of the best foliage seasons in a while in New England. Not too dry, not too wet, gradual cooling of the that summer is officially over, bring it, fall!

  2. Your photographs are above and beyond gorgeous!!!

  3. A high-five for my home state. Thank you, Muffy. Vermont does do a beautiful fall.

  4. I grew up with family vacations up to Stowe every October. Great memories of the Alpine Slide and of course, beautiful scenery!

  5. Would love to get one of those virtual reality goggles
    - Burning hot in (still) green California.

  6. I love Vermont. One of the greatest states in America.

  7. Very, very gorgeous pictures!! Nothing is better than the fall in NE, especially I love the little towns, painted by the autumn colors... love love love!!

  8. We just arrived home from Stowe and unfortunately missed all these beautiful sights having been a few weeks too early. The temps were in the high 80s and everyone was swimming! Word in the Village is that the high temps and current dry condition is putting a damper of the foliage show. The fly fishing community said the weather turned on a dime these last couple of weeks. I hope scenery will soon be as beautiful as these pictures!

    1. You are right, JVK. It's now Sept 30, and still no sign of color. It's been hot and dry, so I'm not too hopeful for a good fall this year, but I hope I'm proven wrong. Sorry you missed one of Vermont's most beautiful seasons...when it happens!

  9. My grandfather built a ski lodge in Northern Chester near Perkinsville some 50 years ago; on my way up to it last weekend, I drove past the Yosemite Fire house in Chester. It's for sale! It's definitely in need of a little TLC in the form of a fresh paint job, but the structure itself still looks quite sturdy.