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Saturday, September 10, 2016

L.L. Bean Chamois Shirts and Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirts

Chamois Shirt on Narragansett Bay
Dress Gordon - A Welcome Addition for 2017
The L.L. Bean of today offers far fewer items of quality than they once did, but their Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirts and Chamois Shirts can still be recommended, despite the frequent price increases.   Both are hard wearing and very soft.

While there was a time when both were US made, the materials today are woven in Portugal and the shirts are sewn in El Salvador.
Four of Their Tartans From Fall of 2015
The tag denoting the cut can be irritating to the back of the neck. Some just carefully cut it out.
L.L. Bean offers them for both men and women, and has introduced a trim fit in addition to the traditional relaxed fit.

L.L. Bean Links:
While the Men's collar is a bit small for a Men's shirt, it does work quite nicely on a woman.  L.L. Bean has never gotten the size and shape quite right of the Women's collar.

Flannel Shirts Across Salt Water New England

2015's Hunting MacLeod

Navy Tartan Returns
Navy Tartan from 2010

Black Watch - A Long Time Favorite

Prince Charles of Edward - A Handsome Red Tartan for 2-15

Again This Year, No Dress Campbell, Once a Regular

Do L.L. Bean Chamois Shirts and Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirts Shrink?

Comparison of New and Washed Flannel Shirts Shows Some Shrinking

Comparison of New and Washed Chamois Shirts Shows Some Shrinking

Chamois Shirts Over the Last Four Decades (All Original Photographs From Archives)

With Lambs on the Connecticut Shore

At Maine's Pemaquid Point - Late 1980s

Connecticut Shore

Martha's Vineyard - Early 1990s 

Kite Flying on the Connecticut Shore - 1970s
Maine Coast - 1980s
A Favorite Among Jersey Calves

Mid-Coast Maine - 2012

Golden Meet and Greet - Early 1990s

Maine Coast - Early 1980s

An Orvis Version - Early 1980s

A Quite Worn Version on the Maine Coast - 1992

Past Years of L.L. Bean Flannel Shirts












Fall 2016 L.L. Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirts for Men Include From Left to Right:  Lindsay,  Grahame of Menteith; and Kilgour

Black Watch; Grey Stewart, and Navy Tartan


  1. The last two chamois shirts I bought were from LL Bean and Cabela's within a month of each other. Wore them interchangeably for about three years. Put my elbows through the LL Bean shirt last winter and we are now polishing the silver with pieces of it. I'm still wearing the one from Cabela's. And I still have one more than 15 years old from Eddie Bauer that I wear regularly and that's still going strong. You tell me where my next one is coming from.

  2. Recently ordered the Grey Stewart in a ladies slightly fitted. First time for the slightly fitted so will see. Also, was delighted to see they brought back the ladies unlined tartan flannel robes. My twenty plus yrs plaid saw the rag bag a couple years ago and I have ordered a replacement! One thing however, the service is quite slow. Ordered a week ago and it is still being processed!! PA

  3. The current version of LLB women's Scotch Flannel Shirt no longer has a button down collar. They have switched to a spread collar. A huge disappointment. I asked about this and was told that it was a decision made by the new Product Specialist. I asked that the Specialist be informed of her/his error!

  4. That's a genuinely roll-less collar on the men's flannel shirt. Makes it easy to give them a miss. I once tried to remove the fit tag at the back of the neck -- very unsuccessfully indeed. I haven't looked at this year's offerings but once I nixed the LLBs I tried the Orvis versions, with very good results. Plaid, but not Scotch plaid. (And a good deal pricier.)

  5. Sorry , but I am a bit confused . Is there a difference in color(s) and/or patterns between the Navy Tartan and the Dress Gordon ? ( Perhaps it is my vision on the computer screen . ) Is the Dress Gordon added for 2017 preferable to the Navy Tartan of a few years ago. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please keep up the great blog .

    1. The Dress Gordon has more green in it. You can see the difference in the Women's Relaxed Scotch Plaid Shirt.

    2. I don't see the difference , although I will take your word for it as you look like a benevolent lady. Thank you.

  6. I recently got 3 new L.L. Bean Scotch plaid shirts thanks to the heads-up from this blog that new plaids were being released. While I prefer the buttoned collar, I have no problem with the spread collar -- some of my older Scotch plaid shirts have a spread collar, so I already have a mix of spread collars and buttoned collars.

  7. So interesting to look at the old catalogs, thanks for posting those! I can't believe they were only $29.50 all the way through 2010, and now they are $50 - a 70% price increase and not even made in the US!

  8. I have three chamois shirts, the only flannel shirts in the closet. all more than ten years old. have they changed much?