Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Around Brown in Autumn

Photos by Salt Water New England

An Old, Saved Invitation


  1. Harvard Sq reminded her too much of New York
    Dartmouth was in the middle of nowhere
    Cornell too cold
    Penn too easy
    Yale too close to grandparents, aunts and uncles
    Columbia too close to home
    that left Princeton and Brown
    "...Dad, I'm not going to college in New Jersey!"
    Case closed.

    1. I suspect there is some confusion regarding the relative ease of U Penn in comparison with Brown

  2. Brown has a lovely campus, but Ken Burns' recent documentary on the Vietnam War is a salutary lesson in blindly trusting the good judgment of Ivy League graduates in important matters. Like William F. Buckley Jr., I would rather entrust the government to the first 400 people in the Boston phone book than the faculty of Harvard.

  3. Thanks for the memories! I spent happy years there as an indolent graduate student dragging out my stay at my beloved Brown for as long as possible. Living among all the beautiful old houses on the East Side of Providence was dreamy. Finally when my friends started finishing their dissertations and leaving campus, I figured it was time to get moving, complete my thesis, and get a real job. I've been homesick for the place ever since!

  4. I'm from Atlanta and went to undergrad at the University of Georgia - which has a beautiful antebellum campus. I recently got into Brown for grad school and was more than impressed with campus during my first visit. The architecture, horticulture, and history is second to none. I LOVE New England!

  5. My wife and I were there in the 80s. I had a great experience there. Most of my work/study jobs were in Faunce House, the student center pictured in one of your photos. Other than sports, my primary mission on campus was organizing group of students to assist the staff who maintain the facilities with planting bushes and bulbs - which in turn satisfied challenge grants to funnel funds to financial aid. Take a stroll there later in the fall, when the leaves turn. There are worse places to spend four years.