Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Freshly Painted Porch


  1. Looks a lot like our porch both in color and style except that yours has an authentic rustic open ceiling whereas ours is flush tongue and groove. (My husband cut down an oak tree and made our swing but it's stained and not white.) How often do you have to paint yours? We've found that over the years the quality of paint has diminished once they removed oil based paint. Latex just doesn't cut it over the long run. Is there a particular product that you've had success with?

    1. I use an opaque stain from Lowes. Seems as good as anything. I finished doing porch 4 of 4 a couple weeks ago.

  2. What a great feeling it is, to sit back and look at the porch you've just painted. Well done!

  3. Looks really beautiful!! I just can imagine myself there, and the American flag make that so gorgeous!!

  4. The smell of fresh paint is an early summer memory of going up to the island. Inside, everything had that musty cottage smell. Not unwelcome.