Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Man, Dog, Pig

Photos by Salt Water New England

Those who follow Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and the applies Latin (or constellations), will be able to figure out the dog's name from the title.


  1. Those critters are adorable. High school Latin has long been forgotten.

  2. My fiance won't let me have a pet pig. I will show him this tonight and see what happens.

  3. So very cute.


  4. Sorry, but the title immediately brought to mind E.B. White's "Death of a Pig" - one of his best stories (really, they are all so good). If one is unfamiliar with the story, don't take offense here - read it and have a nice, bittersweet chuckle at E.B.'s expense and with the able assistance of Fred, his “vile old dachshund”.

  5. Man, dog, pig: Homocanisporc?
    Man, pig, dog: Homoporcanis?
    Pig Latin: Anmayogdayigpay, or, Anmayigpayogday?
    Is that a Maremma Sheepdog? What kind of a name does this dog have, anyway?
    Also, is that the Sexy Farmer again?
    So many questions.

    1. I think that's him, but I wasn't going to be the first to point him out. He sure does keep up appearances - it makes me wonder if he's related to Muffy.

  6. I'm am definitely the least refined on your very refined site, lol. ;-).

  7. ManBearPig. Or is the dog just named Al, as in Al Gore?

    Southpark, Season 10, episode 6: A lonely and attention-desperate Al Gore comes to South Park Elementary to explain the dangers of the biggest threat to the planet: Manbearpig. Although the kids believe Gore uses Manbearpig as a way of gaining attention, they decide to help him capture the creature...with disastrous results.

  8. ManDogPig --> (South Park Reference) ManBearPig --> So, Dog is Bear --> Latin/Constellation for "bear" = ... Ursa

  9. See, real men can wear short sleeved shirts that aren't seersucker or madras.