Sunday, July 16, 2017

Damariscotta Mills Fish Ladder Restoration

Damariscotta Mills is a two and a half mile scenic detour out of Newcastle, up Route 215.  There, the two hundred year old fish ladder has undergone a massive,  and successful,  restoration effort,   The alewives, which lobstermen use for bait,  have returned to spawn.

The Festival is held in May, when the alewives arrive.  The site returns to calm a few weeks later.

Beyond the fish ladder, the neighboring community is lovely.

Originally a Carriage House and Stable
And Damariscotta Mills is also the home of Alewives Fabrics, always worth a visit.


  1. Thank you Muffy. This was a fantastic post. GLH

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  4. wow, thank you for the great images. I can almost hear the water in the fish ladder

  5. Great post! Fish, flowers, fabric, and old houses. I love them all.