Monday, July 31, 2017

Back In The Day

A Well-Used Riding Helmet from Years Ago
By night I slept at the very top of the modest little grandstand, built, as was the race-course, by stolidly British members of the district, who, like all the others of our immutable clan, were allergic to the absence of horses.  
- Beryl Markham, West with the Night <>


  1. Did you see the girl in Venezuela on CBS News protesting wearing only a equestrian helmet as protection tonight?

  2. I did see her on the news! I thought it was terrific!!

  3. We have a few of those old helmets kicking around my grandparent's house that we used to play with as a child (but were never allowed to ride in for very good reason!). I'm so glad that they've updated the design and made them safer and more breathable and lighter. I also appreciate the airbag vests eventers are wearing now and some of the tech that's gone into stirrups to make them safer for use in training (helpful with certain horses for sure!). Equestrian sports are inherently dangerous and will always be that way even on the most bombproof horse but I think we're so much better off than we used to be because we get more protection with every innovation. Also, it looks silly but...equivisors are where it's at. You throw one on your helmet and instant sun protection! I ride outdoors in the summer and burn easily. It was worth the money.

    - ER

  4. Fascinating information -- which means, given the equipment they were given -- at least from the 1940's and 50's - as far back as I can remember - were a tremendous, just tremendous, CREDIT to the sport, because in spite of not having more protective gear, as they do now, did one masterful job of competing. They probably were the real masters of the sport.

  5. Consider the fact that for thousands of years we only had horses to get around.
    It is amazing that they survived without blow up vests.

    1. A fair number of people had horses where I'm from and typically rode stock saddles if they were riding horses. But for thousands of years, more people only had their own legs on which to get around. One of my neighbors had a stable and would be seen going up and down the streets with a wagon but I never saw him ride a horse. His name was Jody Whittaker, which seemed appropriate.

  6. Riding helmet like that saved me from an unknown fate as a kid. I was thrown and ended up with a big scare and a small rip in the outer fabric of my helmet.

    I jammed it on my head several years ago to win a hat contest at a Kentucky Derby party. ;)

    Mostly it sits in a closet awaiting grandchildren.

  7. My daughter and I, proud owners of a Selle Francaise showjumping horse, that we share, are 100% allergic to the absence of horses. Their smell, companionship, fun, willingness, they're just incredible. Great quote!