Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Narragansett Bay: A Herreshoff or Two - Firefly and Whistler

Firefly <https://www.herreshoffregistry.org/detail.php?hull=956>
There are always interesting boats to be seen around Narragansett Bay, including a Herreshoff or two.

Whistler <https://www.herreshoffregistry.org/detail.php?hull=1080>


  1. Some deck shoes, a striped turtleneck, a fishermans rib knit sweater and you're away :)

  2. Stunning works of art! Imagine only paying $3 or $4 thousand today for craftsmanship like that!

  3. Simple. Elegant. Modest. That's real sailing.

  4. More specifically, those are "S-boats, designed by Nathaniel Herreshoff. They're gorgeous but while a small number them are actually newly built, most of the remaining S-boat fleet is pushing 80 years in age. Keeping a wooden sailboat that old —especially a racing boat with necessarily light scantlings— requires either a vast amount of unallocated time or a prodigious wallet; and in either case a rather unusual set of personal priorities. You have to be more than slightly crazy. Been there, done that with the S.F. Bay equivalent —more or less— of the S-boats in the form of the Golden Gate class. Mine was GG7, built in 1932 and eventually chainsawed to salvage the lead ballast by the person to whom I sold it when I finished at Cal and moved outside the USA. Couldn't cut the mustard. Crying shame. (My original partner in GG7 was from a family with a summer place on Narragansett Bay, and his family had two Herreshoffs, one of them a first-generation S-boat that was wrecked in a hurricane in the 1960s.)

  5. What is the large building in the background of the first photo?

    1. That's "Beacon Rock", the famous mansion formerly owned by Felix de Weldon, the famous sculptor who created the Marine
      Corps War Memorial in Arlington, VA.