Monday, June 5, 2017

Maine's Lupine Season

Everywhere on the Maine coast in early June are signs of "Lupine Season".

Lupines can be found from the edges of the Turnpike, to the back roads, to the water's edge. In purple, pink and white, they are clustered in small patches or entire fields.

Beach roses are also in bloom, which mix in with the sights and smells of the salt water.

And fields of buttercups add the yellow.


  1. Ah, the cousin of our Lupinus texensis, the Texas Bluebonnet.

  2. These pictures harken me back to a time when I would read Barbara Cooney's book, "Miss Rumphius" (The Lupine Lady) to my young children. The moral of the story was to travel the world, by land or by sea, but to always make it a more beautiful place than you found it, which also spoke to me as an adult. Miss Rumphius was responsible for sowing Lupine seeds everywhere she went. I would venture to say that she planted some of the ones in your photos!

  3. Going to investigate if they will grow down here in Dixie.

  4. So beautiful. I've tried to grow them many times in CT with no luck i am afraid. They thrive in the moist cool Maine climate, much like the English climate of their origin.

  5. It's said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but plagiarism.... Well, let me credit Bitsy who commented recently about another really good photographic post: One can almost fall into them and feel one is there. Good pictures, good photography and a wonderful comment by Bitsy. P.S., I may not always giver her credit for that line.