Thursday, June 1, 2017

Liquefying the Last of the 2016 Honey

Pan of Hot Water

Local Honey by the Bucket


  1. Does anyone know the reason some honeys crystalize faster than others?

    1. I will ask one of my best friends, he and his brother are beekeepers. ( and he has a BS in chemistry from UT-Austin, brother has BS/MS in biology from A&M...and you'd never know it until you spoke to them.)

  2. I know it's important to the integrity of honey to be gentle when heating and to avoid boiling it as in putting it into the microwave on high. I also know that it never goes bad, but IT IS rather frustrating when it begins to crystallize. It seems that once it is "melted down" once that it doesn't take long before it crystalizes again. Is there something that can be done to avoid it in the first place?