Saturday, June 10, 2017

In Case You Missed It

The Yale Center for British is hosting Art in Focus: The British Castle—A Symbol in Stone (Photograph from SWNE Archives)
From Country Life's Whisky to Spectator 's Lemonade - and Dogs:


  1. J.D. Vance's article in the " Old Grey Lady" about moving caught my eye. I live in my hometown and other than a brief period in grad school, have always lived in this region.
    That said, I would love to move. Seattle, Vermont, Maine, Northern England. If only for a couple of years.
    While this is " home" I no longer " fit-in. " Be it the poltical climate, be it the growing hatred of higher education( the county next to mine less than a mile from my house is third from the bottom in college degrees....mine is nothing to brag about, less than 8% of the residents have a bachelor's or better.)
    I am tired of the hatred of LGBT people, the growing creationism, with the belief the planet is only 6000 years old, the evangelical church and their ties to only one politcal party....
    But alas, we are stuck here. We have aging parents. My wife likes her job and is still a few years from retirement....So, we are here...for a while.

  2. These are always so fun and interesting. Loved all the polling place dogs.

  3. Having this digest is great. I used to read from the printed word quite a bit. Sundays were spent with an array of newspapers & magazines over a long brunch. Nowadays, I 'save my eyes' due to my computer-intensive job. Nice to have these articles. Have to try that intriguing lemonade recipe; never thought to dissolve the sugar in boiling water first, then steep lemon juice & peels in the cooling liquid. Will serve in my Keep Calm & Carry On glasses ;)

  4. If anyone was curious, the Cook's Lobster people lost out in Harpswell. Here's hoping the new owner is a reasonable man.

  5. Hmmm...the article on tiny homes ("What No One Ever Tells You About Tiny Homes" - The New York Times) was written by someone who didn't really want to live in one, but was forced to by circumstances to stay there. Not the best representation of the "Tiny Home Movement". For many it has meant freedom and the ability to spend money on the quality of their house if not the quantity. To those appalled by the idea of living in a small cabin-sized home, don't buy one! But the rest of us love them. Thank God we still have the freedom to choose!