Friday, June 23, 2017

Fresh Fish


  1. These ospreys really know how to catch fish. They are constantly flying over the beach heading inland with their catch.

  2. In September last year a woman was walking near the Philadelphia Museum of Art (very urban location, no water) when she was struck by a large catfish that fell from the sky. It was dropped by a bird. I can't imagine that experience.

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    1. "Actually," with all due respect, no, things like people getting struck in the face with fish falling from the sky do not happen. At least in my 38 years of living in Philadelphia it was the first news account that I can recall. I understand the fish was taken from the Schuylkill but it was a remarkable occurrence regardless.

  4. My bf lives on the water and the ospreys there seem to prefer grackles, especially the ones in his yard!