Sunday, June 4, 2017

F.L. Woods Italian Wool Burgess Blazer - Made in the US

Made in the US
It may seem odd to many to be talking about wool garments in June, but perhaps not to those who spend time on the water, especially points north, or Down East, where the water never warms up and the nights are appreciably cooler.  A bit of insulation can be very useful.  This is especially true for some categories of social gatherings - boat yard bakes or meeting friends on the foredeck - that can devolve to taking some vessel out for a quick run.

Given that, there is a category of clothes that enables one to be presentable while getting in and out of dinghys; experiencing at least some spray; and when the temperature drops by 20 degrees and the wind picks up.  And while synthetic fabrics have their place, there is something quite wonderful about the temperature regulating properties as well as the quietness of wool.   F.L. Woods tends to meet this challenge head on.  Here are two new items.

The  Italian Wool Burgess Blazer and the Sopwith Sweater are both shown in a size Medium. 

Thoughts drift to the H.M.S. Pinafore.   F.L. Woods is a Sponsor of Salt Water New England


  1. Robert ReichardtJune 4, 2017 at 7:20 PM

    I bought one of these Burgess Blazer’s last year, and like it very much. They run a little small, so I’d advise moving up a size for more comfort. Needless to say, it goes with everything, and the red trim spices it up nicely.

  2. I bought a Sopwith sweater a few years ago at the F.L. Woods store in Marblehead, MA. Although, the $188 price tag did run against my New England sensibilities. In the end, I came around and bought one as a "splurge". It's a nice sweater, but I still have a hard time justifying the price . . .

  3. Hey, I've had to pull on a sweater and/or jacket when it's supposed to be summer :)