Friday, June 9, 2017

Early Market


  1. Oh my goodness, those radishes! I'd have those scrubbed, quartered, and buttered in no time.

    1. Oh yes! Best way ever to eat radishes!

  2. Blessings counted for access to fresh, organic produce! As an expat I shopped at supermarket emporiums geared for expatriates homesick for their salad. Lettuce leaves, green beans, tomatoes and the like in gourmet portions impeccably cellophaned & displayed like Harry Winston jewels - it was a privilege (flown in from New Zealand). Now State-side, the open air abundance, variety and beauty of produce at farmers' markets makes my heart sing! Rapturous photos.

  3. Radishes were the first things I ever grew and I was successful even as a small child left to do what I wanted in the family garden. As I grew older so did my selection of vegetables and I was fairly successful. For a few years I didn't have access to a garden plot but when I was a garden full of a variety of veggies. Everything didn't do well each year but then there were my radishes, they never did well. In fact, for years it was the same story with radishes - failure. After years of planting in really good soil in ground and in raised beds and carefully planting at just the right depth and still no success and so I just kinda tossed the seeds on top of some tilled ground and just watered them as I had successfully done as a kid and the results were...failure, total failure. I love to eat them and when I find them in a grocery or at I market, I buy them and nibble on the way home. The ones in the picture look delicious.