Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cloverdale Goldens, Early 1990's

Start With A Right Old Barney...
 Evidence that Goldens are truly a British breed.

...And Then Go for a Drink 


  1. I adore my black lab, but my goldens were very entertaining! I usually had three, sometimes two, but never just one. They are lovable clowns!!

  2. I'm big on goldens and all to happy to point out that what the AKC uses as the standard is not at all what the dogs used to be. The traditional goldens, usually called field goldens, are still available. They are smaller with shorter and darker red hair than the AKC golden. I love a lot of dog breeds, but I doubt I'll ever own anything but a field golden.

  3. Well, let me just tell you about my orange and white Brittany...oops, sorry this post is about Goldens. The dogs are good looking, the photography is good and I didn't know there was any such thing as a field Golden. Thanks for the post and the informative comment.

  4. I bet those dogs played rugby union ;-)

    1. Yes...battle it out on the pitch, then go for a drink after!