Saturday, May 20, 2017

Maine Coon


  1. Handsome kitty. PA

  2. Kitty is really enjoying the petting.

  3. Love this picture! I've lived with several Maine Coon cats. They are wonderful creatures, very good natured and friendly, with loads of personality. I haven't had a polydactyl, as this one seems to be. Polydactyly is a fairly common trait in Maine Coons.

  4. Maine Coon cats are the best! We enjoyed ours (a rescue) for 20 years. Big, goofy, gorgeous and when young, can be very much like a dog. Ours looked a lot like this kitty: wide set ears, big tufted paws, same coloring ("mackeral tabby") and a magnificent Coon cat tail. AnnZ, Fairfax VA

    1. We have a Maine Coon cat that came from Arlington County Animal Shelter. We've had him for close to fifteen years and he has developed medical issues. He has medicine that seems to be helping with his problems, just like an old man. He's very affectionate and very attached to me and me to him.

      But he's nothing like a dog.