Monday, May 22, 2017

Life on the Connecticut Shore: Summer Saturdays, Early 1960's

Original Photographs from Archives
Some friendly sailing competitions...

...would often lead into the club's dinner dances.


  1. With so many different types of sailboats all in one race, it looks like the annual Duck Island race at the Madison Beach Club. I crewed Blue Jays and Lightenings back then, but I was too young for the Saturday dinner dances.

  2. What I find so amusing about these pictures is that, like so many racing sailors of that vintage, the crews pictured here parked their dinghies on the cabin top while racing (so as to be handy for getting ashore for the post race cocktail party). Early photos of Spring and Fall Off Soundings Club Races in Gardner's Bay and elsewhere show many racing sailboats with dinghies on the cabin top. No racer today would allow such a thing. Too much weight. Leave the dinghy at home! Thank you for the terrific, evocative black and white photographs.