Saturday, May 20, 2017

Boat Prep


  1. I don't miss it one bit. Don't miss writing the check for the mooring fee either. Or the yacht club squabbles. Sorry. Happy to sit and sip coffee while I watch this guy work though.

  2. We had dinner with friends the other night. The man is ex-Navy and even taught sailing at the Naval Academy. He used to have a sailboat but no longer does. I asked him if he missed having his boat and he admitted that he did. But he said his wife didn't want him spending so much time out on the water and away from the house.

    A family member, now deceased, an ex-navy chaplain, also had a boat, one rather larger than or friend's, too. He lived on the water and so didn't have to worry about dock fees and the like. He claimed that half the pleasure in owning the boat was just looking out the window at it. I suspect that the ratio changed as he got older.

    1. Your story reminds me of something a Belgian friend of French ancestry once said to me. He had worked on merchant ships for years. Finally, his wife told him that he must choose between la mer (the sea) and la mere (the mother of his children). He spent his remaining working days at a glass-making factory near Brussels.

  3. Done and launched. I contributed moral support and several atta boys!

  4. I have dreamed and day dreamed throughout my life about a boat, an antique car, and an old rambling historic house. I am typing this sitting in my old rambling historic house. Non, je ne regrette rien.