Photo by Salt Water New England

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sterling Turk's Head Bracelet from Tory’s Jewelry

This good looking sterling silver Turk's Head Bracelet from Tory's - located in Marblehead, Massachusetts' Historic District - is a refined and dressed up version of the classic summer bracelet (Sailor's Knot) while maintaining the simplicity that has made the design so popular throughout New England's coastal towns.
A Lovely Mother's Day or Graduation Gift

An Easy to Work Clasp

One reason sterling silver is so often appropriate is because it subtly reflects the colors around it, including here, the sunset.

Bracelet Sent by Tory's


  1. Ooooh. Have admired this bracelet for some time. Lucky you!

  2. So beautiful! Thank you for the info.

  3. This is a lovely display and Tory's Jewelry is our go to store in Marblehead, MA. Tory has impeccable taste!

  4. I'm lucky enough to have this bracelet and it's as fabulous as it looks! Tory's is the best! As is Tory!

  5. I am only now seeing your kind comments, Laurie and Patsy! Thank you both so much! - Tory