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Saturday, February 4, 2017

L.L. Bean Small Boat and Totes

Small Boat and Totes
The L.L.Bean Boat and Tote in size Small is arguably an ideal size for a summer pocketbook.  Unfortunately it is now only offered in the "year round" colors, not the "seasonal" shades of pinks and blues and greens that are still available in the Medium and Large.
Never assume successful products will continued to be offered in their current form.

They are still made in Maine.


  1. Muffy:

    Your last line is especially accurate. Do you remember the last time LL Bean offered an oxford offered without the formaldehyde "non-iron" cotton? Plus, their Portuguese fabric flannels are not what they used to be. Their credit card has become quite dusty since a year or two and I see no reason to take it out of my drawer again.

  2. "Never assume successful products will continued to be offered in their current form." AMEN!!!!!!!!!! How I hate being at the mercy of other people who get to decide what colors are trending, for example. Say I want something in a simple deep red, I may have to wait 3 or 4 years before the manufacturers see fit to resurrect that color. Buy things when they are offered 'cause you may never see them again!

    1. I've stopped using canvas tote bags like the LL bean bag in favor of Sailorbags, made from dacron sailcloth. Perhaps not as fashionable, but very durable, with a lifetime warranty.

  3. It's called "Herblock's Law", after the political cartoonist: "If you really like it, they'll quit making it."

  4. I love these bags and use them for everything. Grocieries, firewood, a quick trip...the uses are endless!

  5. I usually use the medium size Boat and Tote bags for a pocketbook instead of the small. I like more roominess for all of my stuff and I can't get everything in the small bag!


  6. I no longer shop at LL Bean. No longer get their catalogs or e-mails. I too like the Sailorbags.

  7. Marvelous bags.
    My parents bought my two for me (dark green stripe) when I was a teenager.
    As I near retirement age, they are still in use.
    - Charlie

  8. We ordered a large zippered bag with green handles for our dog with his name embroidered on it. Everyone who sees it loves it, and he's very pleased with it as well. Handles all his gear for our boating excursions and miscellaneous travel. Great quality and sturdy. Bear approves paws down! --Holly in PA

  9. The best bags ever!